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Toyota Genuine Parts & Accessories

Toyota Genuine Parts & Accessories

Why genuine?

Since the first LandCruiser landed in Australia in 1958,
Toyota has cemented its reputation for legendary
quality and toughness. Just like our Toyota vehicles
Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories [P4] are
engineered to perform in Australia's harshest conditions. 


Toyota Genuine Parts

Toyota Genuine Parts


From brake pads to exhausts, spark plugs to oil filters,
our spare parts are developed and tested to help your
Toyota always perform and protect you. 

Whether your vehicle needs replacement parts
following a collision or your vehicle requires spare parts
when being serviced. Always ask for Toyota Genuine Parts,
and help avoid the risks associated with counterfeit parts.


Toyota Genuine Accessories

Toyota Genuine Accessories


Toyota Genuine Accessories [P4] re developed alongside
the vehicle, this unique advantage allows Toyota to design
accessories so they integrate perfectly with the vehicle
structure and safety systems. Intelligent design, extensively
safety tested, complete integration and guaranteed quality
make Toyota Genuine Accessories [P4] the perfect choice
for your next adventure. 


Toyota Genuine Parts - Counterfeit

For your peace of mind

All Toyota Genuine Parts carry a Toyota Warranty [T2]
so you can feel confident with every service and repair.

"Counterfeit parts are often packaged and
branded in the style of Toyota Genuine Parts."

Brand Protection Team, Toyota Australia

Tens of thousand of counterfeit parts are circulating
Australia and they're designed to look like genuine
Toyota parts. But there's no guarantee that quality or
performance testing has been conducted according
to Toyota's standards, or that they're even made with
legal materials. Sometimes, they can even contain
lead or asbestos. 

Toyota Genuine Parts are spare parts available
exclusively from Toyota Dealerships. 


Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense [S1]

Toyota Genuine Accessories [P4] are designed to
integrate with your Toyota and are rigorously tested
to ensure they don't interfere with the vehicle's
Toyota Safety Sense [S1] system. 

Made up of multiple features, our intelligent safety
package is designed to support safe driving and 
help protect you and your passengers [S1].

As soon as you put non-Toyota Genuine Accessories
on your Toyota, you may impact the legendary reliability
and safety that you've come to expect whenever you see a
Toyota badge. For example, if a non-Toyota genuine bullbar
is not fitted correctly, or is not designed to Toyota's standards,
it can affect the deployment of airbags.

Genuinely safer, genuine peace of mind.



Toyota Warranty Advantage

Our promise to you

When it comes to buying a new car, we believe that nothing
should stand between you and the thrill of the drive.
Which is why we've made sure new vehicles [T7] brought
after 1 January 2019 are protected by a five-year unlimited
kilometre warranty that covers any part, panel and accessory
made by Toyota. 

Toyota Warranty Advantage Terms & Conditions


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