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Your guide to: Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories

Posted: 30/08/2019

So why is Genuine best?

Complete Integration 

Thousands of engineering hours are spent on the design stage to ensure absolute synergy with the vehicle’s specifications and compatibility with all the vehicles safety features. 

During the manufacturing process the harsh Australian Climate conditions are taken into consideration. 

All of the genuine accessories available are designed and built to enhance the look of the vehicle. 

Some components, like the Genuine Bull bars are designed using information that only Toyota has access to. For example, it matches the exact speed of the airbag deployment, to the 1000thof a second’s accuracy. 

Intelligent Design

All Genuine Accessories are designed and built to work in perfect harmony with your Toyota, protecting you and your investment.

Many of elements are developed and tested up to 5 years before the launch of the vehicle to ensure they are engineered in line with the vehicle’s requirements from day one. 

Durability & Quality Assurance

Accessories can add a lot of weight onto your vehicle so Genuine Accessories are designed and engineered to guard against cracking and breakage. 

Many parts are put through gruelling durability tests at the Toyota Japan track before they are tested further in harsh Australian outback conditions. 

Each individual Genuine Accessory is individually checked before being dispatched to ensure compliance with Toyota’s stringent global quality standards. 


To find out more on Toyota Genuine Accessories and to view the whole range, come in and speak to either Brian, Kiel or Dave. 

Live a genuine life, with Toyota Genuine Accessories.

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