Service Drive Thru Update | Dubbo City Toyota

Service Drive Thru Update

Posted: 18/02/2021
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Sometimes, taking your vehicle for a service can be an overwhelming experience filled with uncertainty and trepidation. 

When you bring your vehicle to Dubbo City Toyota, the entire experience will surprise you.  The ease of the process, clear and effective communication and comfort, warmth and hospitality will completely change how you look at servicing.  



What do I do when I arrive?  What happens?

When you arrive for your service, you will be greeted by one of our Service Advisors.  They will go over the details of your service and any other items that may need attention.  You may choose to wait in our comfortable guest lounge or we can also provide you with a courtesy vehicle ride home or to work.  If any issues arise, the Service Advisor will contact you, otherwise, you will receive a phone call or text message when your vehicle is ready.  

Watch the video below to see what servicing your vehicle at Dubbo City Toyota is like from start to finish.


Just some of Dubbo City Toyota's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Used Cars
  • Toyota Insurance Advantage