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Dubbo City Toyota Winter Toolkit

Posted: 3/07/2019

With the cold winter weather firmly set in we have created some handy winter tips to ensure your vehicle is well equipped and prepared to face those icy cold days.

We have worked together with our service department and Service Manager to come up with their top tips on how to get your prepared for the weather this winter.

  1. Check and top-up Coolant. Although this seems like an obvious one, it is easy to let it slip your mind and many of us are guilty for not checking the coolant levels as the colder months approach. Coolant is vital in ensuring the engine doesn’t freeze up. Coolant levels should be checked first thing in the morning and once the engine has been running for 30 minutes or so. The coolant level will go up and down depending on the temperature of the vehicle. The coolant should be topped up after the vehicle has been running as this will be when the coolant level will be highest.
  2. Switch on the idle up button whilst the vehicle warms up (applicable Toyota commercial vehicles). Switching on the button can give the heater a boost when you are in colder temperatures.
  3. Try and avoid using boiling water to try and clear your windscreen. Use room temperature or cool water to try and defrost your windscreen as boiling water can damage the seals around the windscreen, damage the paint work and lead to cracks in your windscreen.
  4. Check tire pressures more frequently.  As the temperature drops it can cause the PSI (pound per square inch) in the tyres to drop as well. It is important to check the pressure of your tyres more frequently. We recommend checking the pressures every month during the colder period.
  5. Check rear and front demister. As soon as the icy mornings approach it is a good idea to put both the front and rear demisters on full and check that they are working correctly. Once turned on within a few moments you should see areas of the windscreen begin to demist.


Top tip: when the temperature drops at night it is a good idea to lift your windscreen wipers away from the windscreen. Wipers shouldn’t be used on ice as it damages the rubber, lifting them up off of the windscreen will also prevent them sticking to the glass and preventing damage to the rubber.

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