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Women in the Automotive Industry

Posted: 28/10/2020
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We have recently begun airing our video series "Women in the Automotive Industry".  This series aims to challenge the stigma associated with car dealerships through the stories of our female employees. 

It is our intention to show the broader community how Dubbo City Toyota is engaging with its team of women to create a more diverse and inclusive working culture.  

In Episode 1 we meet Liz.  Liz describes her experience working in a car dealership as being fun, with a good gender balance and with equal opportunities. 


Episode 2 introduces us to Donna.  Donna loves working at Dubbo City Toyota not only because of the friendships and working relationships she has, but also because of how supportive the entire team is of her side hustle: a thriving makeup artistry business.



Episode 3 introduces us to Annabelle.  Annabelle has made a transition through several departments here at Dubbo City and Gilgandra Toyota and explains that there is certainly a space for women within the automotive industry.


In Episode 4 we meet Kari, a mother with young children who was seeking a career change that would suit her family lifestyle.  Watch as Kari explains how the team culture has helped her settle into her new career.


Episode 5 introduces us to Bronte.  Bronte has been working at Dubbo City and Gilgandra Toyota for over two years and has taken advantage of professional development opportunities offered within the company.  Moving onwards and upwards, Bronte is smashing glass ceilings and is currently our only female Sales Consultant.


In Episode 6, we are introduced to Colleen.  Colleen is our Marketing and Guest Experience Manager and has also competed several times in the Toyota National Skills Competition (trust us this is a BIG deal!).  Colleen is currently our only female manager and is blazing the trail for other women in the automotive industry.


In Episode 7 we meet Britt: a fun, fiesty Business Manager who made a professional change to enter into the automotive industry. Watch Britt explain how she has settled into this challenging and dynamic role, and how the team culture at Dubbo City Toyota has supported her during her professional development.


Episode 8 finishes the series with Leah. Always guaranteed to smile, Leah transitioned from retail into the auto industry a few years ago, and has been pleasantly surprised by how little impact her gender has on the various roles she's had here at Dubbo City Toyota. Watch below to get a glimpse of this bright, bubbly woman we are proud to have working with us!


That was our final episode of this series.  We hope you have learned something about the women of Dubbo City Toyota, and that the team culture here might be significantly different to what you might imagine from an automotive dealership.  

Thank you for your support throughout this series!

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