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We're in the Daily Liberal!

Posted: 25/08/2020
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"Car Dealership Sees Market Recovering"

Our Dealer Principal, David Hayes, was recently interview by the Daily Liberal on the effects of COVID-19 and regaining momentum in the market.


Transcription below:

A pronounced turnaround in sales in June and "excellent seasonal conditions" in agriculture are among the factors returning confidence to David Hayes, Dealer Principal of Dubbo City & Gilgandra Toyota.

David has told of the challenges COVID-19 posed to Dubbo City Toyota and of recent signs of improvement in the market. 

The Dealer Principal said the second quarter of this year was a "different and stressful period" not only for the business but its "the 73 employees and their families".

"There were some tough decisions that had to be made to protect the business for the longer term so we could then focus on protecting all of the jobs, and those were my two main goals during March and April when the restrictions were announced".

"I'm proud to say we haven't laid off any staff due to COVID-19 business effects. We did choose not to renew some positions, but we have resumed advertising for a couple of these now."


The Dealership looked at every single cost, line by line, during the period and rationalised many along the way, Mr Hayes said.

"The market began to recover in mid-May and came back strongly in June to the point where we exceeded a previous record sales month."

"The biggest issue we have right now is manufacturers and their suppliers take a little while to get rolling again and so we are now suffering from stock shortages which will most likely continue through the third quarter. I'm confident we will see a strong fourth quarter given improved stock supplies and the excellent seasonal conditions we are currently experiencing". 

David said he felt for business deeply affected by the pandemic.



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