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Thank you to our Wash Bay team

Posted: 5/06/2020
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Appreciation post for our amazing wash bay team

Do you recognize these faces? Not only are they in and out of the wash bay handwashing hundreds of vehicles a week, but they have also been the leaders and adapters to our COVID-19 sanitisation program.  They have taken on the additional duties of keeping all of the vehicles SANITISED and SAFE!


This is our wash bay team, consisting of Alex, Nash, Jayden, and Jan.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed our processes so that each vehicle is fully sanitized between any contact.  While this challenge has been an enormous and unexpected addition to the current vehicle washing, we’re so proud of how this team has kept up the smiles and high standards.

We continue to wash guest cars whenever possible, but have been focusing on sanitisation as a priority.  When the team isn’t washing vehicles, they are our courtesy car drivers.  Each guest who visits our service department is offered a ride in a courtesy vehicle in and out of town, or even to their homes in Dubbo.  With social distancing, this means more trips and even more cleaning.

We’re so proud and thankful to have these gentlemen on our team, and appreciate their hard work each and every day.

Have you had a great interaction with any of them recently as your driver?  Let us know!

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