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Retain the Value of your Toyota Hilux

Posted: 14/06/2017
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During the lifecycle of your Toyota Hilux, it’s important to remember what needs to be done regularly to ensure it’s looked after and kept in the best shape. Not only will this make your Hilux happy, but it will make you happy down the road when you’re ready to look at upgrading.

So, what does need to be done to retain the value of your Toyota Hilux?

Genuine Toyota Accessories

Genuine is best. Genuine Toyota parts have been made and selected by our manufacturer’s and rigorously tested as an integral component of putting each individual vehicle together. They are tested and developed on actual vehicles to ensure each Toyota meets the high quality, safety and performance standards Toyota are famous for.

Only Toyota Genuine Accessories are designed to fit perfectly with your Hilux. They’re built to be ‘Unbreakable’, and with a wide range of accessories available, you can add exactly what you what to suit you and you and your lifestyle. 

The use of non-genuine accessories can also affect your ability to claim under Toyota warranty, so it only makes sense that using genuine Toyota accessories is best to ensure your Hilux is maintained in the best way possible and can help keep your Toyota running 100% well after your warranty has ended.

Regular Servicing at Dubbo City Toyota

Another critical component of looking after your Hilux is regular servicing. When you purchase a new Toyota, you don’t have to worry about unexpected service costs. Each new Toyota comes with a nominated capped price service for the first three years (or 60,000km), whichever comes first. With Toyota Service Advantage, you pay the same price from one log book service to the next, so you always know what to expect.

Our expert Toyota Technicians undergo regular training and have access to specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment to ensure reliability and accuracy when diagnosing vehicle problems. Keeping up to date with your Toyota log book services means you know that your Hilux is being well looked after, and if any issues do happen to arise, they will be fixed properly and quickly.

By sticking to the above, you’ll be sure to look after your Toyota Hilux to ensure the value of the vehicle is retained as best as possible.

For more information about Toyota Genuine Accessories, servicing with Dubbo City Toyota or the Toyota Hilux, contact us on (02) 6882 1511 or drop into the dealership.

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