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Contactless Servicing

Posted: 7/09/2021

Contactless servicing is well under way here at Dubbo City Toyota.  

"The process is really easy and completely contact free," says Leah Ney, Service Advisor.  

"When the guest arrives, they simply leave their vehicle in the service drive through with the keys in the centre console and leave.  After they are gone, our team goes out and does a full sanitise of the vehicle before we take it for its service."

"I call every appointment the day before to discuss the process with each guest," adds Annabelle Hayes, Parts and Service Administrator.  "That way, the guest is clear on the process and has the opportunity to ask any questions.  It's working very well."

Guests also have the option to have their vehice collected, brought to the dealership for a service, and then returned to the guest.  Service Advisor Ben James says, "its just one of the ways that we can look out for our community.  Vehicles need regular servicing, and if we can help keep people safe by coming to collect their vehicles for them, that's an easy way to protect people.  Its also a pretty amazing service that we are able to offer."

Assistant Service Manager Rod Calverley explains more about this process below:


Ready to book your contactless service?  You can book through your myToyota app or by clicking here.  

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