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5 Things We Wish Everyone Knew About Used Cars

Posted: 29/05/2017
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Buying a used car. Do you really know what you’re getting? We know that the best new cars make the best used cars. Sounds obvious, right?  But what does that actually mean?  

Certified Used Toyota Vehicles

The Toyota brand is synonymous with quality, durability and reliability so it makes sense that buying a Certified Used Toyota is a good move when looking at your used car options. Toyota introduced the certified used car program in 2012 in recognition of the fact that buying a quality used car can be a challenge. The Toyota Certified Used Vehicle promise means that only the best used cars are eligible to be included into this category. The used car must:

  • Have a full service history
  • Have had an independent Car History background check
  • Have had a comprehensive quality inspection by qualified Toyota Technicians
  • Offer 1 year of nationwide Toyota Roadside Assist
  • Offer flexible Finance and Insurance options

You can be sure that when you purchase a Certified Used Toyota Vehicle it comes with the backing of Australia’s most trusted automotive brand, Toyota.

At Dubbo City Toyota we offer a wide range of used cars that our Used Car Specialists are always more than happy to show you through. You can phone or visit the dealership to have a talk about what you are looking for in a used car and you’re welcome to take one of our used cars for a test drive.

A Word From Lachlan, Dubbo City Toyota Used Salesperson

We put a lot of work in to bringing our used cars up to standard for resale. We don’t just come up with a price and stick it on the car, waiting for someone to come along and pay too much for it. We workshop test all our used cars and fix any and all problems, no matter how small. Used cars that are too far gone will not be put on the lot.  Our standard is that any used car that we have for sale is good to purchase and up to our high safety standards.

Purchasing a Used Car through a Dealer

It can be pretty overwhelming searching for a used car. There are so many websites with used cars for sale that you might not even know where to start. Nor can you be sure that what you’re looking at is of a high quality or even to the standard of what the ad might be telling you. To buy a used car through dealer means that you can be reassured the vehicle you’re purchasing is roadworthy, has been looked after and is valued at a reasonable resale price.

Benefits After you Buy Your Used Car

Did you know that every Certified Used Toyota Vehicle sold comes with Statutory Warranty? Toyota strives to assist all Certified Used Car buyers in as many ways as possible, which is another pretty reassuring factor.

A Word From Dylan, Dubbo City Toyota Used Car Manager

Our aim is to give you the best experience possible when purchasing your used car and to make it as easy as possible for you. All our used cars go through a vigorous check over in our workshop and not a cent is spared in making them of Dubbo City Toyota standard.

For more information about the Toyota Certified Used Car program contact us on (02) 6882 1511.






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